Ling Family Photos.

May Knight

May Ling nee Mary Ann Knight.

Ada Ada
Ada Ada
Albert Ling in 1927

Albert Ling with his first business.

Albert's Marriage

AlbertLing on his wedding day to Ena Moth in 1930. Alice, my mother, the 17 yearold bridesmaid on the left.

Alice at school in 1926

Alice in the light coloured dress (top right) at Harold Wood School in 1926. She was 13.

Alice, Ena and Doris

Alice, my mother, with Ena (Albert's wife),and Doris on the beach.

Alice, Ena and Doris and Roy

Alice, my mother, with Ena (Albert's wife),and Doris with her son Roy, born in 1925, so picture probably taken about 1929.

Ivy Ling's marriage to Bob Alsop

Ivy Ling, Bob Alsop and Alice (on the right) at the station after Ivy and Bob's marriage in 1929. The bridesmaid on the left is probably Bob's sister.

May with John Cooling

May Ling (nee Knight) with John Cooling, son of Esther.

Esther on left, Doris and friend

Esther and Doris with a friend.

Ivy Ling's marriage to Bob Alsop

Alice, Esther, Doris, May and possibly Bob Allsops sister at their wedding in 1929.

May and Esther with daughter Iris

May Ling with daughter Esther and granddaughter Iris