1. St. John the Baptist

This searchable database, with over 1600 entries, is made from 2 sources:
Burials which come from the actual parish records, available at the Derbyshire County Record Office in Matlock, and Memorials which come from the list made up by Dr. Owen in the late 1800's plus additions from a later author.
Note that if the source is from the list of Memorials, the date shown will be the date of death, so where the search brings up both the records there will be 2 different dates (usually a few days difference). Also, where the date of birth is shown on the memorial, it has been indicated in the Notes column.

If the search indicates a Memorial number, a copy of the transcript can be seen by selecting the page in the memorial search section on the left.

As the Memorial list was made up over a century ago, there are only a fraction of the grave markers still standing. It may be possible in the future to indicate which are still there and supply a photo on request.

St.John's was opened in August 1812 and the first burials were recorded in that year. The last regular burials started to diminish around 1898 as the churchyard was full and after the burial acts of the 19th century, municipal cemeteries took the place of parish churches for burials. There were a few burials about one or two a year until the last one in June 1939. All these burials from 1899 to 1939 would have been into existing family graves.

A list of vicars from 1812 to 1974 and team rectors from 1974 to the present are displayed on two boards at the church entrance. By clicking on the small photos at the left, a larger image can be seen.

st. johns vicars from 1812

st. johns vicars from 1812

After 1837, all burials, marriages and births had to be registered. The registration district for Buxton is Chapel-en-le Frith, so for burial dates from 1837, it is well worth-while checking on one of the sites where you can look up the index of the burial. You will then be able to order a copy of the death certificate from the General Records Office which costs £9-25.
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This is a new site, online in January 2013, with about 1600 entries in the database, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments or questions. It is planned to include burials at St. Annes and Burbage in the future.